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LuckPerms Contexts

Allows permissions/groups/prefixes/etc to be assigned easily based on certain DiscordSRV states.

More information about contexts can be found here:

Available contexts:

  • discordsrv:linked - whether the player has linked a Discord account (true/false)
  • discordsrv:boosting - whether the player is boosting the Discord guild (true/false)
  • discordsrv:role - the role the user has in Discord
  • discordsrv:role_id - the role id the user has in Discord
  • discordsrv:server_id - whether the user is a member of the server with the given id (which the bot is also a part of)
/lp group default permission set true discordsrv:linked=truewill give all users access to /fly if they have their account linked to Discord

These can be disabled using a LuckPerms-Contexts entry in the DisabledPluginHooks config section.

Original implementation: