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Require players to link their account to Discord before letting them play and optionally require a subscriber role.


Must link account to play


Enable/Disable the RequireLink4Gameplay module.

Listener priority

Control the priority RequireLink4Gameplay's join listener is on. If Available values are [LOWEST, LOW, NORMAL, HIGH, HIGHEST]

Listener event

The event that the link module should listen and disallow logins on. If your whitelist plugin doesn't seem to work with the default, change it to the other available value. Available values are [AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent,PlayerLoginEvent]

Bypass names

Minecraft IGNs to always allow (overrides)

Whitelisted players bypass check

Whether to bypass players listed in the vanilla whitelist or not.

Check banned players

Whether or not to let players in the VANILLA banlist be able to link their accounts

Only check banned players

Whether or not players not in the VANILLA banlist will bypass the need to link their accounts/have a sub role

Not linked message

The kick message that gets displayed if the user's account isn't linked Placeholders:

  • {BOT} The Bot's name. [DiscordSRVBot#1234]
  • {CODE} The verification code required for DMing the bot. [4321]

Must be in Discord server

If enabled, players will not only need to have their accounts linked but will also be required to be a member of a Discord server that the bot is also in. Acceptable formats:

  • true/false: linked account must be in at least one Discord server that the bot is also in example: true

  • <server id>: linked account must be in the given Discord server example: 135634590575493120

  • [<server id>, <server id>, ...]: linked account must be in ALL of the given Discord servers example: [135634590575493120, 690411863766466590]

This option's value is superseded when you have subscriber roles enforced below.

Subscriber role:

Optionally require people to not only be linked but to have one/all specified role[s].

Require subscriber role to join

Enable/Disable requiring a discord role to join Minecraft server.

Subscriber roles

The roles required to join the server.

Require all of the listed roles

Enable/Disable requiring all listed roles. When false, only one of the roles listed in Subscriber roles is required.

Kick message

The message that gets displayed when a user gets kicked for not having a/all role/s.


DiscordSRV still starting

What gets displayed as the kick reason if someone attempts to join before DiscordSRV loads up.

Failed to find subscriber role

What gets displayed as the kick reason if the required role[s] were not found on the server.

Failed for unknown reason

What gets displayed as the kick reason if an error occurs.

Kicked for unlinking

What gets displayed as the kick reason if the player unlinks in-game.