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Link to Join Setup


Please make sure to go through the Initial Setup before going through with this setup.

This allows you to require the player have their discord account linked to their minecraft account before they can play on the server. When a player attempts to join, they get automatically kicked with a message saying that they need to message your DiscordSRV bot a code for them to be able to join.

Once the player is linked, more restrictions can be added, such as:

  • The linked player must be in the discord server
  • The linked player must have certain role[s] (this can be used to whitelist Twitch subscribers through the subscriber role if the user's twitch is linked to their discord account)

Make sure Enabled is set to true in the linking.yml config to enable this feature, then restart your server.

# linking.yml Line 2
Enabled: true

Each option inside linking.yml is explained using comments, so read through them to get a better understanding of what you can do.